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tv   Legends Lies The Patriots  FOX News  June 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. terror in or orlando. for the next hour, this special edition of "the factor" will analyze the worst mass shooting in american history. we'll keep the politics to a minimum and donald trump will be here and we've also invited hillary clinton. tonight we're going to tell you exactly what happened with a sharp perspective. believe me, this hour won't waste your time. let's begin with the killer. 29-year-old omar mateen shot dead by orlando police officers after invading a nightclub. shortly after 2:00 this morning.
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he used an assault rifle and a pistol. while he was gunning people down, he called 911 to say he was committing mass murder in allegiance with isis. police say mateen, a private security guard, held a number of people hostage and the entire incident lasted for about three hours before mateen was killed. over that period of time, the casualty count was horrific. 50 people dead, 53 people wounded. again, this is the worst mass shooting in american history. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. >> get out of here. >> oh, my god, dude. >> it is with great sadness that i share we have not 20 but 50 casualties in addition to the shooter. there are another 53 that are hospitalized. >> all over, the vast majority of the gunshot wounds were to the chest, the abdomen and extremities. >> this guy was looking for a family member back and forth and he had a bullet sticking out and the bullet, i kid you not, was
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this big, half in, half sticking out. >> after the second shot, there was a pause and then just started shooting, shooting, shooting and that's when we knew something was wrong and everybody dropped to the ground. >> my son. >> is he okay? >> no. >> he was shot? >> we don't know. >> he was in the bathroom with the hostage. >> how did you find out? >> he was texting me and calling me. >> what did he tell you exactly? >> that the shooter had them in the women's bathroom with hostages and he was going to die. >> we do know more about the killer. he was an american citizen whose parent immigrated here from afghanistan. he was married with a 3-year-old son. his father told reporters he did not like gay people and that might be why he catered to a nightclub filled with
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homosexuals. as every single jihadist on the planet hates gays. ate, president obama said this. >> the fbi is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism and i've directed that we must spare no effort to determine what, if any, inspiration or association this killer may have had with terrorist groups. today marks the most deadly shooting in american history. the shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. this massacre is, therefore, a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that let's them shoot people in a school or in the house of worship or in a movie theater or in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that's the country that we want to be. to actively do nothing is a decision as well. >> once again, mr. obama putting the emphasis on guns rather than
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islamic terrorism. i will analyze that situation tomorrow in talking points. for tonight, let's stay on point and analyze the terror act without pointing fingers at third parties. in the shootout outside the club, one orlando police officer was shot in the head but his kevlar helmet saved his life. no other police officers were injured. the fbi is investigating the case and apparently the bureau did have mateen in its file as he was a security worker who held a legal firearms license since at least 2011. mateen bought the weapons legally. no license is needed in order to own an assault rifle in florida, an issue that will be closely examined after the terror attack. on balance, it seems to be more about international terrorism and its influence than a gun control issue. however, however, all aspects of the case should be investigated aggressively. talking points is fed up with
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the islamic jihad. the world should have confronted it a long time ago and this containment garbage is getting people killed. you don't contain evil. it will destroy you. americans are at risk because islamic terrorists want to kill us. just because we are americans. and that's the memo. the top story tonight, geraldo rivera is standing by. you've been down there a few hours. what has struck you emotionally? >> reporter: what struck me, the most profoundly, bill, is the fact that this is the existential threat to the united states. omar mateen, born in new york city, his father a well-known afghan politician who happens to be here in florida. the fact that this man, this monster could take it upon himself to begin the slaughter, just picking the softest target
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he could find, pulse orlando, the nightclub, just about half a mile from where i'm standing now, in front of the regional hospital, the trauma center where they brought the victims, was jammed this morning at 2:00 shortly after 2:00 when omar mateen walked in and began firing. shortly after he began firing, some uniformed orlando cops happened on the area. what ensued was a gunfight, as you've described. so picture the packed nightclub where many of the grieving victims, people who came up to me just sobbing and crying and, oh, my god, it's my brother, it's my son, it's my nephew, those people complain that the nightclub, the pulse, had only one exit, that there were padlocks on the back exits so omar mateen walks in, picture it, with his ar-15 and his handgun and he starts firing and people had to run past him in
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their attempt to get out. they were trapped. that's why he would make that taunting 911 call 20 minutes after he began the mayhem, after he began this horrible carnage, creating inside the pulse orlando a slaughter house that is, as the president, as you have pointed out, bill, the worst mass shooting in the history of the country, the worst act of terrorism since 9/11. but there he was, uniformed orlando cops converging on the area. they surround the pulse orlando. mateen is inside. he shoots. he reloads. he shoots. he reloads. he shoots. he reloads. this many casualties, he had to have reloaded many, many times. and in his 911 call, claiming isis inspired him in his 911 call, taunting the authorities, taunting the united states, taunting our very existence, he
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wrought that havoc. bodies chopped up by the automatic weapon. it was horrifying and the question as to how this man, 2013 interviewed two times by the fbi, 2014, interviewed again by the fbi, how this guy could be in that place armed as he was is a question that tomorrow night on "the factor" you will try to address. >> we will get into that but i can answer that. the fbi interviews a lot of people. more than 100 people in the united states who have been arrested for associations with isis. this terror attack, very similar to the paris killing, 130 died in paris, as you will remember, november 13th, 2015. very similar. except it was one guy, not a bunch of guys. and it's the same m.o. and i've got to say -- and i hate to say it -- you can't stop this kind of stuff, geraldo. you can't stop it. all right? individuals who are going to go
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out and commit mass murder, no matter how they are going to do it, with a bomb, a gun, whatever they are going to do, you can't stop them. but what you can do is have a coherent anti-jihadist strategy which we don't have and we're going to get into that tomorrow and a little bit tonight. we don't have one. but for now, i feel terrible because a lot of the people in orlando that you're talking about, they don't even know what happened yet because the authorities are still -- their bodies are still in that nightclub. they have not been taken out. the investigation is still going on. >> about half an hour ago inside the marriott hotel, right next door -- sorry. ramada right next door, the victims' families were gathered. they read off a list of survivors and suggested that if your name was not on the list,
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your relative was dead. it was horrible to watch them as they ee lergeed fremerged from . i know very well what it feels like to be in their shoes, how helpless it is. it seems to me that once you get in that jihadi watch list, then just like someone who beats his wife, someone who, for whatever reason, gets on a no-fly list, that person is treated differently than the other citizens. i respectfully submit that. now, let me talk about isis very briefly as long as that rotten sesspool is allowed to exist, it will continue to inspire deranged people and let loose
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their fanatics to perpetrate this kind of bloodshed on absolutely helpless, trapped, innocent civilians. >> now, i want you to do one favor. tonight -- we'll have you back on tomorrow night on "the factor." i want you to talk to a couple of people who survived this if you can find them. extensive conversation. and what they were feeling and going through. just like your daughter. i want you to try to find a couple of people, talk to them and then we'll bring their stories tomorrow night. okay? >> you got it. >> appreciate it. one footnote, legends & lies is supposed to be on. it will be shown next sunday at 8:00 p.m. next, two harrowing personal stories at the massacre site.
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juan was confirmed dead but christ sister leinenon has not been accounted for. she said, i never asked to be part of the sandy hook club. i never wanted assault rifles around here. why would this happen to my son? he's a good person. my heart went out to her. she shared pictures with us and is asking anyone, if you've seen her son, would you please call
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in because she desperately wants to know where he is. >> you have to assume -- is this woman over at the ramada inn with the authorities? >> reporter: correct. earlier she was at the hospital, then she went home and now she's at the ramada. patients here have been identified so hopefully soon we will know. >> everybody is praying for a miracle here but if the boy had a cell phone, didn't use it and his partner is dead, you know, it doesn't get tougher than that. >> reporter: exactly. there was something else i'd like to mention about the cell phones. i'm hearing that investigators are inside that building and it's very erie because they hear lots of cell phones going off among the bodies in that building. cell phones probably called from loved ones trying to get ahold of them. >> miss martin, i understand you
5:18 pm
witnessed that. you were inside and saw some of these phones on bodies ringing. tell us about that. >> reporter: i'm sorry. it's a little difficult to hear you. yes, just as valerie mentioned, that's what i'm hearing. it's really chilling when you hear the first responders going in there to assess the situation and the bodies of the victims, they hear cell phones ringing and those are family members and friends frantically trying to reach them. >> are the bodies still in -- most of the bodies still in the club at this hour? >> reporter: yeah. from what we understand, there are still some there. they are trying to identify all of them. they have released a list of the victims and you can only imagine how they feel. i remember back in 2001, i remember what i was doing and what happened and i remember wondering if my aunt made it to work okay and was she one of the victims. i was frantically searching to see if her name was anywhere. >> i want to be clear about this. have the authorities released all the names of the 50 dead?
5:19 pm
are they -- have they all been released or some held back, valerie? >> reporter: i'm sorry. no, they have not all been released. we're still waiting for the others. it's going to take some time, most likely, to identify all of the people in that club. >> all right. so we have seven dead identified. 43 not identified. what is the process, valerie? i know that esee is having a hard time hearing. do the authorities walk it over? tell us about the process. >> reporter: well, i know some families are at the ramada but many families are still here at the hospital going in and out. i think people are desperate for information so they are going back and forth. also, not just relatives but friends here just asking around, have you heard anything, have you heard anything? so i hear a lot of desperation
5:20 pm
in their voices. >> what i'm trying to get at, is there an organized way for families to know who is wounded, who survived and who did not survive? is there a website? have the orlando police put up something like that? how is the information getting to you on the street? >> reporter: yes. the city of orlando has been very organized. they are saying that the family members should go to the ramada and they are giving them the information. however, i think it's still difficult to figure out who the people are in the club and that's what the frustration is. they have to wait and see who is in the club before they put out those answers. >> already, ladies. appreciate it very much. thank you. directly ahead, the big picture. the global jihad. what should the usa do about it? then, is television news exploiting this terrible incident in florida? "the factor" is coming right back. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore.
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5:25 pm
only what is going on with the system but reprehensible. we have no macro strategy. the key ingredient i'll tell you right now that is missing is aggression. aggression is a proven tactic. and unless you take the aggression, infuse it into the law enforcement system, the only people that had any fight today in that game was the s.w.a.t. team in orlando. hats off to those guys who dumped magazine after magazine, gunning it out with another would-be sharia islamic jihadist who brought, you know, weapons into that location and opened fire. and the only people who are allowed to essentially unleash that aggression was that s.w.a.t. team. the entire system needs to be rebuilt. >> i said to geraldo earlier,
5:26 pm
mr. hansen, you're never going to stop this kind of stuff because, for example, israel, very aggressive, anti-terrorism, counterterrorism. very aggressive. every three or four weeks we're reporting somebody gets in, stabs or shoots, blows people up inside israel. you know, it's like a way of life over there for that. now, here we have more distance and now we're starting to see these isis-influenced individuals, like this mateen come in and then picks out a nightclub, goes in, knows it's a soft target and then bing, bing, bing. i don't know what the u.s. can do about that. >> bill, we can't and we're not going to stop every one but as mentioned, the lack of aggression and purpose in the way our security professionals have been hamstrung by the administration is the problem. you know, president obama failed to mention islam. the security professionals now
5:27 pm
are forbidden from being trained on islamic ideologies or sharia law. the punishment under sharia for homosexuality is death. if the people interviewing mr. mateen earlier when the fbi had him in 2013 and 2014 had been able to follow those paths and connect those dots, there's a possibility that we could have stopped this. >> look, in the united states, mr. cohen, you can't just detain somebody. all right? so mateen was anti-semitic. that's what his father says. he's anti-semitic. as i pointed out, every single jihadist on the planet is anti-semitic, as mr. hansen just said. so the fbi knows he's sympathetic to people overseas who -- suicide bombers. that's why they questioned him in the first place. but you can't detain him and the agents don't have enough time to
5:28 pm
watch all of these cranks. there's thousands of them, right? >> i agree, bill. but as to jim's point, it's time for the cuffs to come off law enforcement and what i mean by that, the fbi investigated this guy twice. he held a security license which labeled him to provide protective services and had a concealed weapons permit. guns have nothing to do with this. the fact that he didn't have the guns taken away from him during that investigation or after the investigation -- >> in the state of florida, i don't know if you could unless he's committed a crime. our system is, you are innocent until proven guilty. so you can't take anything away, you can't -- the state law says that you can carry because you're working in a security business that needs that kind of protection. this guy was clean. >> the overall arch of this, mr.
5:29 pm
hansen, and you're both right, the united states government isn't aggressive enough towards the root problem, isis. a president still today wouldn't utter the word islamic terrorism. hillary clinton uttered them. bernie sanders uttered them. okay? so this is pc madness. but if you're going to really take it seriously, then you've got to think about, you have to go in and defeat them, which means you have to kill them. the kurds aren't going to do it, e saudis aren't going to do it and this is what we hear over and over. they are going to go in and do it. no, they are not. it's going to have to be us. i don't even know after tonight, mr. hansen, if the people have the will to do what has to be done. >> well, let's hope they gain the will, bill. i'll disagree with you. isis isn't the root problem. the global jihad and -- >> this is a demonstrative arm of that. >> not the taliban isolated in
5:30 pm
afghanistan and pakistan. it's isis that this guy was mentioning in his 911 call. this is the glamour. this is the heat. isis. it's true. >> bill, you're right. they are the big dog right now and they are the one he wanted to get his name up in life so he pledged allegiance to isis. and we should. it's a shame that the global caliphate has a headquarters in a country that we spent blood and pressure to liberate. so we should go and mock them up. we should wipe them out. >> nato needs to get -- declare war and congress needs to declare war on the islamic jihad and get nato involved. mr. cohen, you know this problem better than anyone. this is like the late 1930s when the philosophy in europe was we can contain them. all right? we'll give them this, we'll give them that. you know, but we're really not going to go in for the knockout punch because, you know, we'll
5:31 pm
keep them right where they are in czechoslovakia and if you don't destroy isis so you see bodies in the sand, this kind of stuff is going to get more and more and more. last word, mr. cohen. >> i couldn't agree more. it's counterterrorism. when you have a fight, whoever is defending is now trying not to get killed. we need to flip the switch and that means that we have to start looking at the potential terror threat as a full-blown threat and start investigating backwards, which means flipping the entire law enforcement perspective around. no, we can't detain or take away the guns but we can look at the cell phones and with the warrants from the judges in order to be able to track those, let's look at the text messages. i want to see the activity of this guy from the moment the fbi
5:32 pm
left him alone until today. why was he alone? >> all of that could be accomplished if congress would declare war on the islamic jihad. then you take it out from law enforcement and put it into military and the rules change. >> absolutely. >> plenty more as "the factor" moves around. we'll talk with bernie. also, colonel ralph peters will give us his view on how the u.s. should fight back. we hope you stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:37 pm
general. people are still dying all over the place. let's go to lieutenant colonel ralph peters. you agree with me that congress should declare war which broadens out what we can do. you're taking it away from law enforcement. i'm not critical of law enforcement but right now, this is an act of war that happened in orlando. yes, there are elements of that but it's really an act of war, is it not? >> well, it certainly is. it may be a new kind of war but it's an act of war. and we definitely need a declaration of war. we need a commander in chief. i don't care which party, male or female, but somebody wherever they are and kill them and fire any senior officer who hesitates to pull the trigger but it's not
5:38 pm
just military. that's to the premier thrust. but here at home, i would do several things. ask congress to crack down on hate mosques and prohibit funding for any american religious institution, funding from countries like saudi arabia who do not practice religious freedom themselves. use the model of the campaign against pornography to outlaw logging on to jihadi sites. put these guys in jail. >> right. i want to amplify what the colonel said. if you possess pornography. that is, if you use your computer and you have a picture of it on your computer that can charge you with a felony and go to jail for some time. what the colonel has just proposed, if you have a jihadi website and you're accessing it and the authorities then find
5:39 pm
that out, that's a crime in itself. however, what you're going to run up against, then, is research, journalists doing it, that kind of thing. so it's not the same as pornography because there are other elements. >> no, you're right. it's not the same as child porn but they are both horrible and licensed journalists, legitimate journalists logon to those sites. it's not a free -- beyond that, there are other things that we can do. we need to update the alien act to make force by law high-tech companies to empower law enforcement and the intelligent agencies and stopvil ville fiin them. i would make it policy of the united states that every time there's a jihadi attack on our
5:40 pm
soil, small or large defense aid goes to israel and, bill, i would close guantanamo and i would reopen it and the remote islands off alaska, they don't get to -- >> look, president obama has killed more terrorists than any other president with the drones and that kind of a campaign, very targeted campaign. so you can't say that the guy is not aware of the problem. we're going to deal with this tomorrow in more detail. he hasn't sold the urgency of the fight against these people, not only to the world but to the united states. i mean, if you were to take a poll tomorrow, do you want u.s. troops to go into iraq and syria and wipe these s.o.b.s off the face of the earth, it would be
5:41 pm
50/50. the president has not sold it as a national security issue. he hasn't sold it. all right? because whether he doesn't believe it, i don't know what he believes. but he doesn't say the words. he's always deflecting into the gun control debate. he's never saying, you know, enough is enough. we're going to kill every one of them that we can find. i'd like to hear that stated. you'll never hear it from him. >> no. but he was still romantisizing. >> that was a military thing against hussein and then a defined terrorist. >> i'm for anything to kill terrorists but drones are not enough. >> i agree. >> it's got to be because obama has allowed this cancer to spread so broadly, even we fight it seriously, with those drone
5:42 pm
strikes, he's operating on the original tour. and throughout the global system, we must take it seriously and, again, look, his -- not all muslims are terrorists but virtually all terrorists are muslims. >> that's why we have to declare on the islamic jihad. this guy in orlando, this afghan, american, because he was an american citizen, all right, this guy didn't break any laws until early this morning, meaning he was a suspect guy, they were interviewing him but he didn't step out, you see. >> bill, if it were illegal to access or contribute to jihadi websites, they could have held them on that. military is going to carry the bulk of this burden. but on a daily basis, law enforcement shoulders it and we've got to stop blaming cops when things go wrong and start
5:43 pm
supporting the police. we've got to stop this hollywood left-wing campaign against the intelligence agencies. they are the first line of defense. they are patriots. they are not trying to subvert america. and by the way, i wondered today how tim cook at apple feels after last night's tragedy. does he still think apple shouldn't help us crack the jihadi cell phones? >> right. the civil liberties always runs up against the security of americans. it's always been that way. that's why i want a declaration of war. >> me, too. it is a war. and civil liberties matter. >> you say to the guy from apple, hey, it's war now, pal. it's a whole different ball game and you're either going to cooperate in the war effort or we're going to move against you. >> that is why we need -- >> you know it very well
5:44 pm
throughout history. >> that's why we have to update the 20th century alien's sedition act. >> colonel, thanks for joining us. when we come back, bernie goldberg. bernie is next. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. when breaking news happens, americans rely on television to bring them the stories and the images. bernie goldberg has been watching the massacre in orlando and has some criticism. >> there's a number of directions that this is going to go and we know political reaction will be based on what the fbi tells us. should it matter? >> no. >> terrorizing situation no matter what. >> it shouldn't matter. if it turns out to be connected to some kind of a group, all the politicians will jump all over it and say we've got to do something about them. let's say it's a domestic shooting. i'm a gun owner. i've been saying this for months now. it's time for people to come together and say enough. >> mr. goldberg joins us now from miami. what's your beef? >> that was a fascinating
5:49 pm
exchange because what it shows us is how they turned what should have been a discussion about islamic terrorism into their favorite discussion. gun control. after chuck todd asked tom brokaw should it matter what kind of terrorism it was, what chuck was actually saying is, so many people are dead, does it really matter if it was this kind of terrorism or that kind? sort of reminiscent of hillary clinton saying, you know, at that hearing what difference does it make? >> yeah, the benghazi thing? >> yeah. so then, tom brokaw not only says no it shouldn't matter, which i found fascinating, which then goes on to say the real problem is guns. and then he says, you've got a problem, you get a gun. that's what goes on now. and it's got to come to an end. okay? so instead of a fresh, original, edgy discussion about why so
5:50 pm
many muslims, a small percentage but a lot of muslims become psychopathic killers, we have the same old conversation -- >> it gets worse than that. if tom brokaw or anybody else believes that the federal government by passing any kind of dra coconian gun law can sto with hundreds of millions of guns already and the mexican cartels being able to smuggle anything they want across an unsecured border, i mean the gun black market -- >> right. so these people are living in a theoretical world where no problem is ever solved. nothing is solved. >> let me make very clear and i'm glad you brought that up. let me make very clear, for me, i'm not making an argument
5:51 pm
against the ar-15 so-called assault weapon. that's for experts to talk about. i'm not an expert but i do know this, if they banned every ar-15 and every other gun in the united states of america, isis would still figure out a way to kill americans. >> and criminals would have guns thaep black market would flourish. as i said the cartels in mexico would add to their heroin and meth big gun component but you are not going to get through because it is an emotional issue. that's what it is. it is emotional. every time americans are gunned down in the streets there has to be an instant solution because we live in an instant solution society. we'll do this and then it will stop. tomorrow i'm going to give unbelievable stats about gun crimes in america. stats that people will go we didn't know that that will prove this kind of left wing reflex reaction is just bs.
5:52 pm
it doesn't mean a thing. but something even more insidious and you touched upon it. we will take a break and bring bernie back to talk about how the liberal media enables this knee-jerk stuff that never solves any problems ever. as this special edition of "the factor" continues. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at bernie goldberg from miami. the left wing press enabled president obama to take a much more passive approach to fighting isis than perhaps he would have been able to take had the press been fair, looking at this from a let's beat them rather than let's be pc point of view. am i wrong? >> to the extent that you are right, it's certainly true the other way around. i think barack obama sets the tone for a lot of the press. listen to the exchange that you play earlier with tom brokaw. brokaw was much more comfortable
5:57 pm
talking about gun control than islamic terrorism. that's what barack obama did today during his statement. he's much more comfortable talking about gun control than islamic terrorism, a term that we all know, he still won't even use. >> let me submit to you this. the genesis of isis is to pull out of u.s. troops from iraq, which all of the liberal press favored. they applauded obama when he pulled out every troop from there. history shows it was an enormous mistake for the world and the united states. they are never going to say they mae made a mistake in doing that. it is not in their dna. >> well, i'm going to little further on that. i think the liberal press blames george bush for getting us in there in the first place and the conservative press blames barack obama for pulling out. and i think they are both right.
5:58 pm
obama was wrong and bush was wrong. but on this matter of who's influencing whom, mark halpren, a political reporter, during the campaign of 2012 for the presidency said political reporters tend to cover stories the way the obama campaign wants them to cover stories. there are no memos. there are no directives telling them how to cover stories, they just do because they share the same values, and i think that's the same thing we are seeing now with gun control versus islamic terrorism. they are covering it the way the president talks about it. >> okay. but it's more than that, though. it's a deeply engrained belief on the part of the big liberal media, nbc tom brokaw, "new york times," "washington post," not to that extent but on the
5:59 pm
editorial page certainly that the united states is always the bad guy. somehow, you know, we can't pick up the mantle and crush the evil doers because there are no such thing as evil. ten seconds, go. >> i think you are right. there is a tendency on the left more than the right to use the old expression to blame america first to see more fault than they should. in the case of what we are seeing today, let's talk about gun control and let's not talk so much about -- >> america is bad because we have all of these guns. we're bad because we have all of these guns. the isis people are bad but not bad enough to wipe them out. that's what we got. all right, bernie, thank you very much, as always. that's it for this special analysis of the orlando, florida, massacre, the worst shooting, mass shooting in american history. tomorrow, i'm going to deal with the politics of all of it, as i said up front.
6:00 pm
donald trump will be here tomorrow and i hope hillary clinton will accept our invitation to come on the program and talk about this very vital issue for all americans. thanks again for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and we will see you again tomorrow at 8:00 on "the factor." breaking tonight, new details on the gunman coming in to "the kelly file" as the nation acts with horror and concern following the worst terror attack on the homeland since 9/11 and the deadliest mass shooting in american history. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. there are many questions leading up to the shooting in orlando, florida. it killed or injured 100 people simply trying to have a good time. it started after 2:00 a.m. local time. 300 people were inside of the pulse nightclub when a 29-year-old terrorist named


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